“It takes a village to raise a child” originated from the Nigerian Igbo proverb. The same was the case in creating our brand identity & website. Thank you to the highly talented and creative people who contributed and a special thank you to the following artists for their work.

alexis cotton

Alexis Cotton is an exceptionally talented graphic designer based in San Francisco who brought her enthusiasm for design to the initial stages of Incluvations. Through her branding process, guidance, and exceptional listening skills, she was able to capture the initial elements and messages that we envisioned and embed them into what became our initial logo. This put us on the path of diving in & establishing our current brand. We are so grateful for her evolutionary contribution. www.alexis-cotton.com

Brien Hollowell

Brien Hollowell is a Denver & NY based photographer who proudly uses his artistry often shooting people of color with his original lens. Through a series of events, Brien did not attend the Batman screening in Aurora which became a fatal night of shooting and a life changing event for him. He often credits that horrible night to being the impetus in devoting his life to things that deeply matter. www.brienhollowell.com

Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox is fine art and fashion photographer. Based in NYC and New Mexico, Rob has dedicated his work towards the advocacy of making “strained voices heard.” He is devoted to raising consciousness within the worlds of Queer identity, Diversity, Body Nuetrality  and Racial Equity. www.robwoodcox.com


Jeff Yas is the senior art director of Connecting Dots Guru. He is an established graphic designer, artist and musician with a degree in anthropology which is often reflective in the intricacies of his artistry. www.yasgraphics.com