Have you ever found yourself questioning — whether it be yourself and your purpose or work and what the next right step is or life in general or more?

This can be rather disconcerting especially when you are referred to as an “expert” or a “leader”. This questioning can be temporary or it can seem constant. Either way it is important to explore these questions and what may be triggering them. They can be indicators that there is something else you should be doing or are missing. Or signs that even more serious things are occurring having to do with your health — mental, physical, emotional, spiritual (wellness) purpose and/or more.

As so many have done, we have taken this incredibly surreal and challenging time during the pandemic to embark on a process of deep self-reflection to really explore the questions that have come up for us. This process has unlocked so many great things including:

Clarity regarding our purpose and what we could be doing in our next chapters.

The ability to step outside of ourselves enabling us to continue to “flow” through the world and accomplish what we’ve set out to without getting in our own way.

A more balanced approach to life and keen focus on self first.

A clear understanding of what we’re capable of if we remain true to ourselves, intentional and disciplined.

To learn more about this process, please contact me at jeannine@incluvations.com.